Posted by: katjorgensen | February 20, 2012


Connections are important to me.  I love connecting with friends and family.  And as a writer, I love connecting with readers.

Last week I was invited to dine with a local book club as they discussed my book, Your Eight O’Clock is Dead, which was their January selection.  I’m telling you, I felt like I was on the Oprah book club!  It was an amazing experience.

This book club has been meeting for over 20 years.  It was easy to tell that these ladies have a love for the written word.  They were a lively, fun group, and I felt like I got more than I gave.  Lots of great laughter.  I was a tad jealous that these intelligent, witty women get to meet each month and talk about books, relationships and anything else that comes to mind.

They made me feel like a star.  And they reminded me of why I write.  I write to entertain readers.  If I give my readers an enjoyable experience, I consider myself a success. These sweet ladies made me feel successful beyond words.  They are from left to right in the top picture:  Beverly, Martha, Sharon and Vicky.  In the bottom picture that’s Barbara, Mary and Lynn.

Connections.  Friendships.  Bonding.  It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Thank you, ladies, for a memorable evening.



  1. How great that you are able to meet with people who have loved your book. That must make you feel so proud!

  2. Finding witty, intelligent women of like mind is a treasure.

  3. How great that those women have been meeting for 20 years. Being a guest in that group must have been a marvelous experience!

    • It was amazing. I was honored to be their guest.

  4. Hello Kat! Just found you here! Hadn’t realised you had started another blog. How lovely to be the honoured guest! Ros

    • Hi Ros, I took the WP plunge a bit ago after taking a blogging class and I’ve been very happy with it. I’m so glad you found me : )

      Any sign of spring in my favorite part of the world yet?

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