Posted by: katjorgensen | November 3, 2011

Big October

October was a huge month for my family and me.  All treats, no tricks.

First, our darling son Michael became engaged to his sweet lady love, Jenna.

And then, the first book in my River City Mystery Series was released.  I’m so proud of this series and of this first offering, too.  It’s entitled Your Eight O’Clock Is Dead and is available on in Kindle format, Barnes and Noble for Nook and on Smashwords in various formats.

I had an extremely talented cover artist, Jessie Gemmer, and I’m just thrilled with the job she did.  I wanted something that conveyed that this is a light-hearted mystery and that also got the elements of the story into the cover and Jessie was able to do just this.

She’s hard at work on covers for books 2 and 3 in the series, Your Time Is Up and Your Lights Are Out.  And I’m hard at work writing them.

I’m also at work plotting new adventures for Becca, Max, Ryder and Marty to get into.

This last week I may have been celebrating all of the good news.  Now it’s back to work.


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